Them? Us? Who’s let in? Who’s left out?

Hey there,
It’s understood that, as much as we try to span the chasms and include everyone in our conversations, we will have blind spots. We do our best to explore and respect opposing viewpoints, and, as can be expected, sometimes we may tilt one to one side, Us, and less to another, or Them. But we want to make sure we aren’t just preaching to the choir, that is, reinforcing or validating ideas or views which we already hold.

So, we want to be sure we include a space for as many opinions and reflections as we can, and this is where we need your help. We’ve covered several issues in the past year, and we want to know what you think. What stands out, what is the idea or question that you keep turning over in your head? Perhaps you found yourself in agreement with an idea you hadn’t considered. Or maybe you found yourself stunned to learn how some people view our nation’s shared history, or how they envision what’s best for our society’s future.

Tell us what you think! You can also share with us your ideas for conversations or issues that we have not yet covered.

There are multiple ways to get involved in the conversation:

  1. As we open this channel for your input, we’d like to take advantage of the podcast’s medium. Text is great, but it is no substitute to hearing your comments articulated and intoned in your own voice. Recording and emailing your thoughts gives us the chance to include you in future program segments that we hope will illustrate the diversity of listeners’ views. We encourage you to use your smartphone’s Voice Memo app to record your thoughts and email them to us here:
  2. Another way is to share your thoughts on our Facebook page
  3. What’s more, you can also email us your thoughts (in text form) to:


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